Removing some things from C++ parser

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Jul 26 15:33:04 UTC 2007

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 25.07.07 23:29:57, Matt Rogers wrote:
>> I'd recommend having a shared library that contains all the parser  
>> stuff which the tests can link against rather than pulling in the  
>> sources for the particular things to test. You would also be able to  
>> link the plugin against the shared library as well. There's nothing  
>> saying that any installed shared library has to have public headers,  
>> so we can just not install those and be ok.
> This is not just about the parser lib, but a general problem. The thing
> with installing a shared library is that whenever somebody changes the
> code in a BIC manner the version has to be increased (AFAIK at least),
> which might be forgotten easily. 

Even when the only thing linking against it is always distributed at the 
same time?

> I'm wondering wether there's a way to
> tell cmake to not recompile the sources for the tests, which IMHO is the
> only benefit of using a shared lib for the parts of the plugin.

The "convenience library" thing comes up frequently, last I checked 
there is no easy way to do it (so said the wiki anyway). Is it possible 
to make a static library instead? (Only the plugin and test apps use it, 
right? In which case the increased code size is not an issue.)

So, an astrophysicist, a quantum physicist, and an astrologer walk into 
a bar...

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