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The subversion usage information at

is wrong. Also, there is some important note for svn+ssh:// users.
I've attached new FAQ on that. Please replace the old information
with new one attached.
I don't have access right on webpage.
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NOTE TO svn+ssh:// repository users.

If you try to initiate svn operation but fails with error message "connect closed unexpectedly", the problem is in authentication. Unlike other protocols such as svn://, http:// or https://, the authentication for svn+ssh:// is managed by ssh system. Subversion does not have any control over authentication.

When you started kdevelop with terminal, SSH will ask you a password through terminal. So you should enter the password into terminal. 

But when you started kdevelop via menus (i.e., you didn't associate any terminal), you should intall a small X11 program called "ssh-askpass" and set SSH_ASKPASS environment variable to that executable. After that when you try svn operation, ssh-askpass will ask you a password. That's it.

See manpages for ssh-agent.


You need to manually checkout the project and source files from a subversion repository. Or you can import new project into repository at the time of project creation by project widzard.

After openning the project, go "Project" menu -> "Project Options" -> "Version control" tab. Select subversion combobox. Save the settings and reopen the project. Then the subversion context menu should appear when you right-click on files. Also each file/dir in FileTree view should be colored differently according to their status.

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