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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 20 10:37:44 UTC 2007

On 20.07.07 01:28:15, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> Il giorno 20/lug/07, alle ore 00:54, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:
> >
> > KDevelop is not part of the upcoming KDE4 beta and wasn't part of the
> > alpha2 that was released.
> >
> > It was part of the alpha1, but I think just due to the lack of
> > communication (i.e. nobody asked us wether we want to release with KDE
> > 4.0)
> yes, but what do you think is the first thing that a KDevelop 3.x  
> user will do after he installed KDE 4? start emacs?

No, he will start KDevelop3. There is no kdevelop4 shipped with kde 4.0,
the user has to fetch it from svn and he then has to accept that its
still alpha quality.

> > (apparently) to do that. Also I don't really see how that helps,  
> > because
> > these branches would live really long. I mean I currently think that
> that's not true. You don't have to merge when the feature is  
> finished. You have to merge when you have something! and that  
> something is good enough for /trunk.

Well, then I can as well work on my local disk and commit to /trunk when
I have something that works.

> > include-dir stuff for qmake will take about at least 2 more months and
> > thats only when I don't get a full-time job within that timeframe  
> > (which
> I understand that, but I hope you understand that a feature that does  
> not work is useless for other developers. It's true that the final- 
> awesome-version of the qmake project manager needs 2 months, but it  
> is also true that you will have many good-enough-to-be-integrate-in-/ 
> trunk versions of the qmake project manager in the next weeks.

No, I didn't mean a final version will need 2 months, I mean a version
that works as the one from 4 weeks ago plus the include-dir extraction. 

I actually considered doing the parser-rewrite in a separate branch, but
dropped it again because very few people were working on kdevelop and it
didn't seem worth the extra effort (2 kdevelop checkouts on my disk, 2
builds, one of those has to be done manually)


Is this really happening?

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