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On Jul 19, 2007, at 6:28 PM, Roberto Raggi wrote:

> Hi!
> Il giorno 20/lug/07, alle ore 00:54, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:
>> KDevelop is not part of the upcoming KDE4 beta and wasn't part of the
>> alpha2 that was released.
>> It was part of the alpha1, but I think just due to the lack of
>> communication (i.e. nobody asked us wether we want to release with  
>> KDE
>> 4.0)
> yes, but what do you think is the first thing that a KDevelop 3.x
> user will do after he installed KDE 4? start emacs?
>> There's at least one flaw in your proposal: Matt doesn't have the  
>> time
> if Matt doesn't have time you can merge your change as long as the
> change does not introduce regressions

Except that I do have time. I just haven't been very active because  
i've been mentoring two SoC students and also working with one other  
person on helping them be a KDE developer. :)

I'll be more active shortly, I imagine. :)

>> (apparently) to do that. Also I don't really see how that helps,
>> because
>> these branches would live really long. I mean I currently think that
> that's not true. You don't have to merge when the feature is
> finished. You have to merge when you have something! and that
> something is good enough for /trunk.
>> include-dir stuff for qmake will take about at least 2 more months  
>> and
>> thats only when I don't get a full-time job within that timeframe
>> (which
> I understand that, but I hope you understand that a feature that does
> not work is useless for other developers. It's true that the final-
> awesome-version of the qmake project manager needs 2 months, but it
> is also true that you will have many good-enough-to-be-integrate-in-/
> trunk versions of the qmake project manager in the next weeks.
>> I hope I will). I personally don't see us releasing anywhere close to
> good luck ;-)
> ciao robe
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