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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jul 19 22:54:08 UTC 2007

On 20.07.07 00:23:51, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> Il giorno 19/lug/07, alle ore 23:48, Alexander Dymo ha scritto:
> > Looking at commit rates for KDevelop in 2007 I wouldn't say it's a
> > dead project ;) But yes, it doesn't look as good. I have been thinking
> I know, but I'm talking about KDE/KDevelop users that are trying/ 
> evaluating KDE 4 beta.

KDevelop is not part of the upcoming KDE4 beta and wasn't part of the
alpha2 that was released. 

It was part of the alpha1, but I think just due to the lack of
communication (i.e. nobody asked us wether we want to release with KDE

> > of using KDev4 every day for a long time to make sure its UI is any
> > good... but I never had enough time to start...
> I want to propose an alternative solution. I think part of the  
> problem is the high commit rate in /trunk. From what I can see /trunk  
> is very unstable and don't tell me it works for you, because it  
> doesn't and it is two years that kdev4 does not work :-) So, my  
> proposal. For one month you don't develop your feature-X in trunk,  
> but you do it in /branches/kdevelop/whatever/feature-X then when you  
> think that your code is good enough you ask Matt to merge the change  
> in /trunk. If you merge only *good* changes in /trunk you will improve 
> (by definition) the quality and the stability of KDevelop. Branching  
> in svn is easy and cheep, merging is a different story (more tricky),  
> but that's OK because you don't have to do it, Matt (as maintainer)  
> will do it for you ;-) if you don't like svn you can maintain your  
> branch using git or mercurial.

There's at least one flaw in your proposal: Matt doesn't have the time
(apparently) to do that. Also I don't really see how that helps, because
these branches would live really long. I mean I currently think that
include-dir stuff for qmake will take about at least 2 more months and
thats only when I don't get a full-time job within that timeframe (which
I hope I will). I personally don't see us releasing anywhere close to
KDE 4.1 if the pace keeps as it is currently.


You will have a long and boring life.

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