KDevelop UI

Alexander Dymo dymo at ukrpost.ua
Thu Jul 19 21:48:04 UTC 2007

On 7/19/07, Roberto Raggi <roberto at kdevelop.org> wrote:
> btw you should advertise more the features
> you have in KDevelop 4, you know what is the problem of KDevelop 4?
> I'm not talking about sublime, I'm talking about KDevelop as project.
> Well, the *big* problem is you have a lot of cool stuff, interesting
> features, amazing design patterns, a very modern framework *but* when
> you start KDevelop4 the only thing you see is a top level widget
> (400x400 pixels) with a combo box and an iPod-like file browser. You
> look at it and you say what the hell is this thing!? :-) if you don't
> have time to look at the code you will never know that KDevelop4 is
> more than a top level widget and a combo box. A lot of developers I
> know are 100% sure that KDevelop 4 is a dead project and that is so
> depressing.

Looking at commit rates for KDevelop in 2007 I wouldn't say it's a
dead project ;) But yes, it doesn't look as good. I have been thinking
of using KDev4 every day for a long time to make sure its UI is any
good... but I never had enough time to start...

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