[KDev3.4] Adding additional but *important* message to stable branch

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jul 17 10:46:53 UTC 2007

On 17.07.07 05:29:20, dukju ahn wrote:
> Recently I read a bugreport that subversion plugin in 3.4 doesn't work
> on svn+ssh protocol. The problem is not our code, but the user's lack
> of proper knowledge of ssh+svn.
> To use svn+ssh from any GUI svn client, users should have running
> daemon of ssh-agent, set environment variable "DISPLAY" and
> "SSH_ASKPASS", and finally install "ssh-askpass" program. Also,
> if users run kdevelop with terminal, password asking phrase will appear
> on that terminal. Users without such knowledge will just think that
> "its bug of kdevelop" and we will loose fame.
> My plan is to dispaly such
> instructions into vcs selecting project setting page.
> Is it allowed?

No, unless you get the Ok from the i18n people and maybe also the Ok
from release team is required (not sure about that one). And you should
probably formulate the text you want to display before that.


You will pass away very quickly.

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