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Tue Jul 17 03:12:12 UTC 2007

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On Jul 15, 2007, at 9:43 AM, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 15.07.07 09:04:12, Matt Rogers wrote:
>> On Sunday 15 July 2007 08:58, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>>> On 15.07.07 08:42:55, Matt Rogers wrote:
>>>> On Jul 15, 2007, at 8:36 AM, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>>>>> On 15.07.07 12:15:32, David Nolden wrote:
>>>>>> SVN commit 688208 by zwabel:
>>>>>> Adapt the code-completion model to the new argument-hint  
>>>>>> interface
>>>>>> implemented in kdelibs + A few small fixes
>>>>> So do we allow the kdevelop module to depend on changes in kdelibs
>>>>> before monday? Until now changes in any kde module that depend on
>>>>> changes in kdelibs done before a monday can only be comitted on  
>>>>> the
>>>>> following monday.
>>>> This commit needs to be reverted. I can't compile kdelibs anymore
>>>> with the my version from early Tuesday morning and I'm not updating
>>>> until next Tuesday (my kdelibs source checkout is on an external
>>>> drive due to space constraints)
>>> I don't think it makes much sense to revert this one, I mean its  
>>> just 8
>>> hours before monday and then he can re-apply. So this doesn't  
>>> help you
>>> in any way and just clutters the svn history.
>> It does help though. s/kdelibs/kdevelop/ in my last message.
> Yeah, I guessed so
>> IIUC, this makes
>> kdevelop uncompilable with a kdelibs before this commit, which as you
>> mentioned should not be allowed.
>> We should not allow the kdevelop and kdevplatform modules to  
>> depend on changes
>> in kdelibs before a monday.
> Yes sure, but my point is: Its only a few hours until monday in  
> CET, so
> there's not much point in reverting this particular change and re- 
> apply
> it in 7 hours.
> I totally agree that we should follow the policy that is set for all
> other modules.
> Andreas

True, but a few hours for you is that few plus 8 more for me. And  
when the commit was made, I still had the whole day ahead of me for  
hacking (since it was only 7:15am here).

Anyways, no big deal anymore, since it's monday and now nothing  
appears to compile. :)
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