Bug in KDevelop-PG's location-stuff

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 13 11:30:42 UTC 2007

On 13.07.07 12:25:00, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> Il giorno 13/lug/07, alle ore 12:11, Roberto Raggi ha scritto:
> > Il giorno 13/lug/07, alle ore 11:55, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:
> >> Thanks for updating the kdev-pg runtime, I looked briefly into the
> >> replacement-change you sent earlier and figured that I'd have to do
> >> this
> >> later as it was beyond me :)
> >
> > sure no problem.
> >
> >>
> >> Anyway, whats the error you get when building the qmake plugin?
> >
> > A compiler error in qmakelexer.cpp, I think it was a missing
> > definition of Token_VALUE or something like that.
> I think you fixed it, but I still can't compile the plug-in because  
> you forgot to update the copy of the kdev-pg runtime in buildtools/ 
> managers/qmake/parser/generated.

If you have kdev-pg installed the generated stuff is not needed. Anyway,
I forgot to commit the int->std::size_t changes in the error-reporting
parts. Fixed now.

> btw why the kdev-pg runtime is not  included in kdevelop?  please
> don't tell me you plan to have N copies  of the kdev-pg runtime for N
> language plug-in ;-)

The runtime is included, if you don't have kdev-pg installed. Its in the
generated/ folder of the qmake plugin. Of course thats only used when
you don't have kdev-pg installed in which case the installed headers
will be used.

As soon as we have more than 1 plugin in kdevelop itself that uses
kdev-pg the kdev-pg-runtime headers will move to a more central place,
but for now there's no reason for that. (python and ruby plugins are
completely standalone in playground)


You are taking yourself far too seriously.

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