Bug in KDevelop-PG's location-stuff

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jul 12 22:50:52 UTC 2007


I think I just found a problem in kdev-pg's location table. Trying to
fetch the position for a token on the first line of source code doesn't
work. You can try with the attached .pro file and the qmake-parser from
kdevelop4. It will report an error on line 1 col -18 while the error
actually is on line 1 col 11 (or 12 if you count from 1).

However I have no idea why this happens or how to solve this. Roberto,
Jakob any idea?


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DEPENDPATH += include/segm \
#              modules/artLine \
#              modules/interactiveStereo \
#              modules/recorder \
#              modules/artLine/gui \

doo = "#bar 

foo. = bar

message(dd $${doo})

message(   foo    )

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