RFC: Structure of background parser and language support

Kris Wong wongk at seapine.com
Wed Jul 11 16:51:58 UTC 2007

> My understanding is that one languagesupport can support more than one

> mime-type. So what I want is that you are asking the languagesupport
for a 
> parser for the file/mimetype so that the languagesupport can decide 
> internally which parser to choose. You would get back the parsejob and
can do 
> what you want with it.

I don't think this is really what you want.  A language is much more
than just a parser.  It is also the duchain and code completion
specializations, supports code navigation, etc...  A language support
supports more than one MIME type in the sense that a javascript language
support could be loaded for:

text/html files
text/javascript files
text/php files

etc...  In the same sense a text/php file could load a php language
support, html language support, javascript langauge support, etc...

Kris Wong

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