[KDev4] Cpp part crashes when openning the .cpp file.

David Nolden david.nolden.kdevelop at art-master.de
Mon Jul 9 00:00:07 UTC 2007

Am Sonntag, 8. Juli 2007 17:33:30 schrieb dukju ahn:
> When I open test .cpp file Q_ASSERT fails on attached location.
> I enclosed the KTextEditor::Range member values, the file
> I edited, failure location, and backtrace.
> It could be problem of cpp part or katepart. I'm not sure though.

This is fixed now in kdelibs.

I already had the patch locally when I submitted my last changes to kdevelop, 
but forgot to submit it into kdelibs before I left for the weekend. Sorry for 
the inconvenience.

greetings, David

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