kdevelop-pg needs a way to define an export macro

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Jul 7 21:38:43 UTC 2007


There's a problem with using kdevelop-pg in that it doesn't allow to use
the generated classes in shared libraries. And static libraries are not
allowed and seemingly don't work in KDE4.

So I added KDEVPG_EXPORT macro's to the generated classes (which needs
to be redefined in the using library to the proper export macro),
however that doesn't allow to access the token stream class from
outside. I tried to do that there as well, but as one can't tell it
which header to include for the real EXPORT macro this doesn't work
(unless you copy it, which I think should be avoided if possible).

So what other options do people(Jakob, Alex) see? 


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