Jonas Widarsson jonas at widarsson.com
Fri Jul 6 11:04:29 UTC 2007

2007/7/6, Matt Rogers <mattr at kde.org>:
> On Jul 5, 2007, at 2:17 PM, Guillermo Antonio Amaral Bastidas wrote:
> > On Thursday 05 July 2007 12:03:46 dukju ahn wrote:
> >> Not discussed, but I thought that's just unimplemented things.
> >>
> >> Why the files are opened when the project is closed? The purpose
> >> and meaning of project closing is to remove everything related
> >> from certain project -- files should be removed also. I think the
> >> users
> >> want to close every file by closing that project.
> >
> > Makes perfect sence ;)
> Dukju is right. It is just an unimplemented thing. We want to close
> all the open files for the project when the project is closed. It
> wouldn't hurt to make this configurable, but for now, it's fine the
> way it is

Care for some user input on the subject?

I would personally consider the project handling to be seriously
broken if project related files (and maybe even _any_ open file) would
stay open when I close the project.
And the reason is I never close the project manually except for when I
am switching to another project. And in almost every to me imaginable
case, this means I am not interested in the project I just closed
anymore. If I am, I just keep two KDevelops open to display both
projects but in separate windows.

So, just to brainstorm a little: If anything should be configurable
regarding this matter, it is whether open files that _do not_ belong
to the project but are opened anyway (via CTRL+O for example) should
be closed.

Another thought about this is that one might consider closing a
project and opening it again synonymous to restart on a clean slate.
and then it would look wierd if the files are still open.

I believe closing a project without closing its files asks for bug
reports. Both real ones and ones that originate from misunderstanding
the concept.


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