Future of teamwork plugin

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Wed Jul 4 00:41:13 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 03 July 2007 05:39, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> recently the question was raised on kde-devel why KDE4 depends on Boost
> (kdepimlibs dependecy here) and during the thread it was pointed out
> that KDevPlatform's teamwork plugin also depends on Boost.
> Now currently teamwork is completely disabled because it doesn't build
> on dashboard due to problems with the boost-libs installed there and
> nobody has the time and ressources to maintain it and thus fix the
> problems. Also there's at least 1 porting effort needed since the
> KComponentData change yesterday.
> I'm thinking we should move this plugin to
> playground/kdevelop4-extra-plugins, because it clearly isn't anywhere
> close to being maintainable in a kind-of-library module. The code is a
> mess, its very complicated and its very much code.
> Apart from that it doesn't build on win32 and probably will not until
> parts of it are ported to Qt (at least the CommonC++ stuff, Boost
> recently started efforts to use CMake).
> I'm voting to move it out of the platform and into
> playground/kdevelop4-extra-plugins. Yes if it works well it will be a
> really useful plugin (Eclipse recently started with communications
> stuff), but we need to be able to maintain it and this can't be guaranteed
> currently.
> Andreas

We're not releasing kdev* until after KDE 4.0. So KDE 4 won't depend on boost 
being installed unless people install an alpha or beta version of kdevelop as 
well. The move to extra-plugins seems premature to me. We're nowhere near 
beta quality and the release-team already knows we're not releasing with KDE 
4.0 so this can wait.

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