Future of teamwork plugin

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jul 3 10:39:27 UTC 2007


recently the question was raised on kde-devel why KDE4 depends on Boost
(kdepimlibs dependecy here) and during the thread it was pointed out
that KDevPlatform's teamwork plugin also depends on Boost.

Now currently teamwork is completely disabled because it doesn't build
on dashboard due to problems with the boost-libs installed there and
nobody has the time and ressources to maintain it and thus fix the
problems. Also there's at least 1 porting effort needed since the
KComponentData change yesterday.

I'm thinking we should move this plugin to
playground/kdevelop4-extra-plugins, because it clearly isn't anywhere
close to being maintainable in a kind-of-library module. The code is a
mess, its very complicated and its very much code. 

Apart from that it doesn't build on win32 and probably will not until
parts of it are ported to Qt (at least the CommonC++ stuff, Boost
recently started efforts to use CMake).

I'm voting to move it out of the platform and into
playground/kdevelop4-extra-plugins. Yes if it works well it will be a
really useful plugin (Eclipse recently started with communications
stuff), but we need to be able to maintain it and this can't be guaranteed


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