ruby language support patches for KDevelop 3.4

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Sun Jul 1 15:56:33 UTC 2007

Hey, as I promised to Richard Dale, here are the patches for 3.4 I wrote
to make KDevelop a better development environment for Ruby on Rails.

1) rescan project feature for script project part
when rails' generators (like script/generate controller, etc.) are used the 
new files are not added to the project automatically. I was lazy implementing 
continuous monitoring with KDirWatcher so I implemented rescan with a 
shortcut that I use immediatelly after I generate smth externally in a 

2) switch to/between model/controller/views/tests
this is what I need 90% of time while working on ruby projects.
with this stuff you can switch between say, FooController controller, Foo 
model, foo/*.rhtml views and test/unit/foo_test.rb and 
To do that switching I changed quickopen plugin and transformed it into an 
extension. With this patch it's possible to feed a quick open dialog with a 
list of files to switch from (for ex. the list of views).

I can't commit the patches because we're feature frozen but everybody working 
with rails is highly encourage to apply these. Also ping me if you find bugs 
with them.
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