Getting the refactoring framework done

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Mon Feb 26 08:52:33 UTC 2007

Hi list,

Just now, I got the official rubber stamp from our beloved Prof. Puntigam who 
will be coaching me with finishing the refactoring framework this semester, 
doing this as a practical for university again. After not being involved in 
February (as I had promised), I owe this to the community anyways.
Roberto also agreed to mentor me where necessary, so with the combined 
guidance of those two I might just pull it off, let's see. (Hope I can do it 
in time until the summer holidays begin, because then I'll really be busy.)

I'll be starting from Tom Stephenson's SoC work - which is still in SVN at -
and plan to fix necessary things when encountering them.
Before that, I also have to check out how other IDEs do refactoring, maybe 
there's also some good ideas on how the language part interfaces could look 
like (I guess we need those before trying to integrate refactoring =).

Any advice, or possible problems that I should be aware of before I start off?


I want to move the C#, Java and Ruby language parts out of the kdevelop module 
and into playground, as they are not ready yet and won't be ready soon.
Maybe we could get one or two of them finished with this year's Summer of Code
(for which I cannot apply, this time). Objections against moving them?

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