[PATCH] kdevelop subversion part patch

dukju ahn dukjuahn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 08:39:41 UTC 2007

2007/2/26, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at gmx.de>:
> On 25.02.07 11:07:12, dukju ahn wrote:
> > These patches are against KDE-3.5 and KDevelop-3.4 branches.
> > Although KDE/KDevelop is moving to 4.0, our users will use only
> > 3.X  stable branches  for a considerable period. (at least october 07)
> >
> >
> > 0. Checkout kdesdk-3.5 module. We need only kdesdk-3.5/kioslave subdirectory.
> >
> > 1. There are two files in tar.gz file.
> > kdev-svn.patch       will go to KDevelop-3.4 branch and
> > ioslave-svn.patch   will go to kdesdk-3.5 branch.
> Ok, I just looked through the ioslave patch quickly and I don't think we
> will get this one into kdesdk. Its too large and its not in /trunk
> already. Do you see a way of transferring some of that stuff into
> kdevelop?

Yes, It is very easy to transfer some of ioslave's stuff into kdevelop.
Actually, KDevelop needs 3 files -- just svn.cpp / svn.h and svn.protocol files.
We don't need the whole kioslave-svn plugin.
If we choose this option, we can act independently from the restriction of
other's old api. This is a big merit.

However, kioslave-svn plugin is directly linked to subversion library. If
kdevelop contains these 3 files, then kdevelop will require
libsvn-devel packages
to be compiled.

> Another problem is that the kdesdk-ioslave is not the
> only ioslave for kde-svn support, there's another one which currently
> also works (and the Ui that delivers it is much more usable than
> konqueror+kdesdk-ioslave) - except for importing new projects, for which
> there's an upstream bugreport already. I suggest that if you absolutely
> need to change the ioslave-api talk to the author of kdesvn and try to
> convince him to change his ioslave too.

Should the ioslave from kdesdk be compatible with ioslave from kdesvn?
If so, It would be a big problem. If we stick to the old api, I cannot add
many new features planned.

These APIs are based on the early version of subversion.
And they even do not support full API of such old version.
( such as setprop, getprop, listprop, ... )

> Also you messed up indentation in kdevelop and kdesdk patch, that should
> be fixed too. IIRC both use space-indentation, not tabs.

I see, I will fix it later.

> It would be good if you could separate at least the
> bugfix out of the patch so we can apply it separately.

Yes, I will send it by tomorrow.

Now, which action should I take now? Before the stable release of KDE
or KDevelop are closed, I want to stabilize and add subversion part

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