[Bug 67448] Indentation should be project option, not global option

Will Stephenson wstephenson at kde.org
Thu Feb 15 14:10:59 UTC 2007

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------- Additional Comments From wstephenson kde org  2007-02-15 15:10 -------
Ok, Andreas Pakulat explained to me on IRC that "the formatting options can obly be applied by using Reformat Source in the Edit menu; that will either reformat the whole current file according to the options set, or the selection that is active.  Indentation/formatting while typing is solely done by kate and its indenter sucks a bit."

Adymo solved it for me by pointing me at http://kate-editor.org/article/.kateconfig and saying that setting the 'search depth for config file' in Configure Editor...->Open/Save to some value large enough that Kate will find a .kateconfig file in the root of the svn module, for any source file in the module - kate starts its search in the directory where the file being opened is located.

My .kateconfigs contain either
kate: space-indent on; tab-width 2; indent-width 2; replace-tabs on; eol unix;
kate: space-indent off; tab-indent on; tab-width 4; indent-width 4; replace-tabs off; eol unix;

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