[Patch] Window history

Jörg Rüppel joerg at sharky-x.de
Thu Feb 15 20:36:07 UTC 2007

Paulo Moura Guedes wrote:
> AFAIK it won't be applied because it's a big patch and it uses a parallel
> history (because the current one doesn't do what is needed).
> As the main window code will be discontinued for KDE 4 and the patch can't
> break anything I don't understand the reason why though.

How about just reordering the entries in the "Window" menu like Visual
Studio 6 did? The current window is always at position 1, the window
before that at position two and so on. And for switching between two
windows you press ALT+W (for the window menu), and then 2 (for the 2nd
window in the list) or 3 or 4 or... It's actually almost the same thing
as your patch ( I think, didn't try yet), just with the difference that
you use KDevelop's window menu instead of an own window switching widget.


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