KDevelop4 icons

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Feb 7 00:11:40 UTC 2007

On 07.02.07 00:37:27, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> On Tuesday, 30. January 2007, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > I committed the start of a list of icons that KDevelop will need for
> > KDE4. It isn't yet comprehensive (it is meant as a starting point).
> +	? 'create scope'
> +		QMake specific - a scope in QMake is a section that's only used if
> +		the given condition is true.
> +		'create scope' should be a 'scope' icon (from the
> +		'code structure icons' category) with a 'new' sparkle.

Uhm, actually this is not QMake specific, it applies at least to CMake
too, if we want to support that via Ui (which I don't know). CMake has
if/else constructs which are comparable to foo | bar in QMake (or just
foo if its an if without else).

> +	- 'class'
> +		Icon representing classes
> +		(= data types that combine multiple variables and methods)
> +		IDEAS: something that combines multiple (two or three) 'function' and
> +		       'variable' icons, like for example three cubes

You should add here that method == function in most programming languages

> +	- 'interface'
> +		Icon representing interfaces (= class templates without code)
> +		IDEAS: like 'class', but more transparent / "ghostly"

Not sure an interface is really a class template (after all in C++ there
are template classes, which could be mixed with this). I'd rather
explain it as a description how classes that have this interface are
meant to be used. Its like a contract between the class that has the
interface and the user of the class.

> +	- 'enum'
> +		Icon representing enumerations
> +		(= data types defined by which values they can hold)
> +		IDEAS: a small cube or rectangle with even smaller items
> +		       (like, one-pixel-high lines) in/on it

I'm not sure that one would be able to see the 1-pixel-high lines in
16x16 toolbar icons.

In general, I guess squares and circles translate to
class/variable/functions as well as any other "thing" one could come up
with, so thats fine with me. 


Is that really YOU that is reading this?

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