platform name (again)

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Feb 6 16:47:01 UTC 2007

Alexander Dymo wrote:
> now that we've merged sublime integration branch back with reworked
> architecture, we can get back to this platform naming issue.
> It's become obvious that no current KDevelop developer has strong opinion
> on names, so let's just vote. No discussion, no new proposals ;)

I'm not going to vote (I don't think I count as a significant 
contributor, anyway :-)), but I thought I'd post the totals so far, and 
try to summarize...

1) Name for platform code namespace:
39	KDevelop
28	KDevPlatform
22	Koncrete
24	KDev (namespace name)
19	KDev (prefix for classes)
18	KDevSDK
16	KDevelopPlatform
6	Codex
5	Origin
7	KDevBase
6	KDevelopBase KDevelop clearly leads by a healthy margin, with KDevPlatform and 
KDev taking place and show. I'll also note that at least one person 
voted '0' for every option that was presented, although KDevelop is the 
only one with only one 0 vote (Andreas Pakulat). Everything else has at 
least two 0 votes.

2) Name for the future module in trunk/KDE
46	kdevplatform
19	koncrete
17	kdevsdk
15	kdevelopplatform
15	kdeveloplib
6	codex
4	origin
10	kdevbase
13	kdevelopbase

I think kdevplatform clearly wins. It's minimum vote is a 3, everything 
else got at least four 0 votes.

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HIPPOS seem somewhat placated.

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