merge of kdev-its-gonna-be-great within the next 4 days

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Jul 29 14:25:44 UTC 2006


As announced earlier, the kdev-its-gonna-be-great branch was created so that 
lib and src could be merged in a safe place. We've nearly finished with this 
merge and the necessary changed to adapt the rest of KDevelop to it. Here's a 
short list of what's changed.

KDevApi has been removed. It has been replaced by KDevCore.

KDevCore has been refactored to take over KDevApi's functions. Several of the 
things KDevCore used to do have been moved to more appropriate places. For 
example, the signal emitting that occured from KDevCore when a project was 
opened as been moved to KDevProjectController

Most everything in src that was a derivative of a class in lib has been merged 
into the base class from lib, with a few classes making a straight move. 


Crashes a bit more than it did before.

Missing documentation. There's still a bit of cleanup to do, and a ton of 
documentation to add, but it will be added as we continue to go down the 
development trail. If you have questions before we get the documentation 
added, please do not hesitate to shout on the list or on IRC. If I know 
you're confused, I'll take whatever answers to your questions are gotten and 
be sure to incorporate them into some documentation.

Missing virtuals. We may have missed making something virtual that needs to 
be. If you need it to be virtual, feel free to make it such. :)

All your comments, thoughts, etc. appreciated. The merge may take place as 
soon as 8 hours from now, so be quick to comment if you can.


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