Status on bug 116567?

mwoehlke mwoehlke at
Fri Jul 28 15:04:19 UTC 2006

Matt Rogers wrote:
> On Thursday 27 July 2006 15:26, mwoehlke wrote:
>> Matt Rogers wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 25 July 2006 09:49, mwoehlke wrote:
>>>> Matt Rogers wrote:
>>>>> On Monday 24 July 2006 19:48, mwoehlke wrote:
>>>>>> Has the patch at ever made
>>>>>> it into the source tree? My grep frontend is far less useful without
>>>>>> this patch, and it would be nice to try a new KDevelop without having
>>>>>> to re-implement it myself.
>>>>> I will review and commit the patch tomorrow unless somebody beats me to
>>>>> it
>>>> [snip]
>>> I tried to commit the patch, but it wouldn't apply. I'll take an updated
>>> patch if you got one.
>> Ack, yup, a few things *did* change. I uploaded a new one created
>> against 3.3.91 and is improved to save the exclusion pattern to the
>> config. Hopefully you'll have better luck merging this one.
>> The wonderful thing about this patch is it makes changes like adding
>> '.svn' and 'darcs' (one of the changes I noticed) to the list of VCS
>> directories much lower-priority, in that it's nice to support them on
>> brand new projects, but existing projects can simply add these to their
>> exclude patterns with no changes to KDevelop needed. (You may notice it
>> supersedes and removes the current 'Ignore VCS directories' option.)
> Great, I have the update in my patch queue. Please give me a day or two to 
> apply it. If you haven't received a mail indicating that it's been committed 
> on Monday, please bug me via private mail.

Ok, thanks again!

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