Improving qmake-qt4 support in KDevelop3.4

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Jul 26 00:54:57 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 18:17, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 25.07.06 19:44:35, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 24.07.06 19:19:42, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > > buildtools/projectmanager should be ignored for the KDevelop 3.x
> > > series.
> >
> > And buildtools/lib/parsers as well, I guess? Because I can only see the
> > parser beeing used in buildtools/projectmanager/qmake and nowhere else.
> Having looked a bit at the parser, I've got one last question: Are there
> objections against using it for qmake4 support? I think it would make
> things easier for me as I don't have to fully understand the FileBuffer
> (which seems to be the parser for qmake projects atm) class, I'd only
> have to provide similar functionality using the AST...
> Andreas

I don't really have any objections. I'm a bit concerned about how long it's 
going to take, since I don't really know when the release is going to be now. 
How long is it going to take, do you think?

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