Partly broken make apidox

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Jul 24 23:49:56 UTC 2006


while at a first glance it looks like all the information is there when
running make apidox there are some problems:

1. certain replacements are not done, the first page says %API
%Documenation, this looks wrong

2. All references to "API Reference" are broken, because they all
contain href="@topdir@".

3. The class picker is empty and there's no class lists available on the
pages, I always have to click on the (classes) link on the front page

4. The pages on the classes don't look really well (see attached
screenshot for an example).

5. make install-apidox installs something into
kdevelop-dir/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop-apidocs, but the links on the
index.html in there are totally broken, for example the index.html
references kdevbtwidgets/html/index.html for the Buildtool Widget, but
there's no kdevbtwidget dir.

That's all I could see for now.


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