Using 'uncrustify' as replacement for astyle in KDevelop4

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Jul 24 05:39:59 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 July 2006 22:43, Adam Treat wrote:
> I don't much like astyle as it is buggy and the development has stalled.
> I've approached jpetso about the feasability of using kdevelop-pg and to
> generate a source code beautifier.  Well, chouimat brought to my attention
> uncrustify:
> From what I can see so far, I like it.  It is already more feature rich
> than AStyle and has an active developer from what I can see of the svn
> logs.  He is also using a test harness which is very important for this
> kind of program.

Hmm, in 3.*, the automatic formatting done during editing, and "reformat" 
functionality provided by astyle were completely unrelated. If you go to 
every line of source file and select "Align" kate command you get one look of 
source, and if you use "reformat" we get another.

I think that makes "reformat" functionality much less useful, so the right 
solution is making both Kate and "reformat" use one underlying engine. I 
think changing from astyle to anything else is not going to be better that 
the current situation.

- Volodya

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