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Andras Mantia amantia at kdewebdev.org
Thu Jul 20 14:49:27 UTC 2006

> Also, it would help if you could be on IRC more, since this is where the
> majority of the discussion takes place.

Unfortunately unless such discussion is announced in adavance it is highly
unlikely to be there. I still use dial-up (even if a faster one) and pay
per minute, so I cannot be always online. I'd be happy if
changes/discussion that affect the framework are done here, or at least
announced here.

> The other thing to do is to also
> provide peer review after commits are made so that your issues are
> addressed
> then, similar to what you've done here, but with out all the accusations
> that
> we're taking steps back, this sucks and doesn't work for you, etc.

Well, I was in a bad mood as I just made everything work, commited, wanted
to announce Coolo that one of the problematic module (kdewebdev, the other
was kdepim) compiles now, when this commit came and everything broke

> The
> best
> times are during the evening hours in the -5 UTC (-6 GMT) time zone.

Too "bad" you and Adam are in the US. I am in GMT+2...


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