RFC: Improving Qt4 designer support in kdevelop3.4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jul 19 17:47:02 UTC 2006


I started to look at how the designer support for kdevelop3.4 could be
improved. Working my way through the FAQ I stumbled upon:


which says that kdevelop starts designer through kdeinit. So before I
start to dig into kdevelop's code, I'd like to ask if you guys want to
keep it that way or if it would be Ok to specify the path to the
designer within kdevelop and kdevelop just runs that.

The drawback of the kdeinit option is that if no desktop file for either
qt3 designer or qt4 designer is installed in the system the user needs
to create one (this is the case currently for qt4 on debian). Also the
second option would allow kdevelop to run the "proper" version of other
Qt tools, such as qmake, automagically without fiddeling around with

In both cases I'd like to make this a project specific option, because
that's what it really is. I also think the "integrated-designer" option
should then go into the project specific part, because this option
doesn't make any sense when working on a Qt4 project.

So what do the kdevelop dev's think about this, should I go the kdeinit
way or try the specify-qtdir option?


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