C# Summer of Code project status

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Mon Jul 17 06:58:16 UTC 2006

Hi list,

here's a short recap and further plans for my Google Summer of Code project, 
the C# parser and KDevelop integration.

The application contained proposed deadlines, from which the first three ones 
are now done:

1. Until 4th of July: Collecting and evaluating sources
2. Until 7th of July: Creating the lexical analyzer
3. Until 31st of July: Creating the grammar

That leaves us with the remaining two:

4. Until 4th of August: Creating test cases and making the parser work on them
5. Until 21st of August: Integrating the parser with KDevelop

In other words, the C# parser is mainly done, only a few bugfixes remain.
Those have to be worked out, but I'm saving that for later (thanks to being
in time with the deadlines), instead, I want to improve kdevelop-pg a little 
bit in order to have better abstract syntax trees (ASTs) generated. Which is 
imho more pressing, as manyoso might soon begin on the Java language part, 
and he should be provided with a clear AST.
The details for my plans on better AST generation go into a seperate email.

When that's done, I'll complete testing and start with a C# language part, 
hopefully benefitting from the Java one. (And adymo is working on a Ruby 
parser, to be completed before aKademy. Neat.)

Also, kdevelop-pg will need better support for error recovery. I'm not sure 
when to take this on, other developments don't depend on that being done,
but it will be necessary later. Let's see.

Glad to see so much activity on KDevelop again lately.
Good luck to the other SoC students and all other KDevelop developers,
(and to myself!,)

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