merge of kdev-nice-project planned for later today

Andras Mantia amantia at
Sun Jul 16 18:41:21 UTC 2006

On Friday 16 June 2006 15:20, Matt Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> I plan on merging kdev-nice-project back into kdevelop trunk sometime
> later today or this weekend. It compiles and runs kdevelop and while
> some things are missing, I'll be able to add them back quickly. I
> also need more feedback on how the new API works when being used
> rather than just a review.

Ok, here are some comments. I find it harder to work with 
KDevProjectFileItem only instead of KUrl. For example, when adding a 
file there is a need to:
- manually add the folder in which the file is, store the 
KDevProjectFolderItem, and use it to add a file by name. Instead of 
this, the API should be a simple addUrl() or if you want to avoid the 
ambiguity whether the last part of the URL is a file or folder, addFile 
and addFolder, taking only an KUrl.
- removeFolder or removeFile is even harder to use. For example, we want 
to detect if a file deleted is part of project or not, and if it, 
remove it. This is done in a library, which doesn't know much about the 
actual project, and until now if it was part of the project, we just 
called KDevProject->removeFile(url).  Now we should find somehow the 
corresponding KDevProjectFileItem for url, and this is not 
straightforward. Altough there is a KDevProject::inProject(KUrl), this 
is not enough, as it returns only a bool. The only way I could see it 
can be done is to use KDevProject::allFiles() and find ourselves from 
the list of KDevProjectFileItem objects the right one. 
 So either we need  KDevProject::itemForUrl(KUrl) or simple make the 
KDevFileManager work directly with KUrl objects.
- a way to add multiple files at once is also missing. Not a big deal, 
but makes coding a little bit easier.

Actually the above stops my current porting, as I don't want to do a big 
change in the code if we agree to introduce the KUrl argument way of 
handling. Is there anybody against doing so?

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