debugger plans for kdevelop 4

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Sat Jul 15 14:26:11 UTC 2006

On Saturday 15 July 2006 18:16, Matt Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody have any ideas, thoughts, or plans on the debugger work for
> KDevelop 4? The editing infrastructure is starting to come along, and I
> think it would be nice to see some things for building and debugging start
> to happen. Any input is appreciated.

Well, for KDevelop 4 we absolutely need to cleanup situation with "Run" and 
"Debug" options. Now, "Run" is handled by project modules and "Debug" is 
handled by debugger, so we have some options duplication.

What's worse, it's possible to, say, configure debugger for remote debugging, 
but run not only does not support that, but continues to be enabled, and 
tries to run application locally -- not very nice if the application is built 
for say. 32-tape Turing machine.

Further we don't have run/debug configuration, so it's not possible to quickly 
switch between debugging one program to debugging another. 

The Run/Debug setup in Eclipse does no have such limitations -- there are a 
number of Run/Debug configuration, and they set both Run and Debug options. 
It's not ideal -- first time I saw it I could not figure out how to debug the 
program after all, but there's no reason why we can't do better.

Doing this right requires communication with project manages. For example, I'd 
like to click on a target and say "Debug it". It might require communication 
with any current (?) or future (?) unit/system test frameworks. Say, if test 
segfaults, we should immediately launch debugger on that test.

This is the biggest change that requires cooperation with other components.

As for actually doing this, things are tricky. Unfortunately, I did not have 
much time last month for KDevelop, to fix issues in 3.4 version, but 
hopefully I'll find the time this month. Then we can think about KDevelop 4.

- Volodya

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