Odd crash (is it CppSupportPart or ProblemReporter at fault?)

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 14 22:02:05 UTC 2006

David Nolden wrote:
> Well anyway, I've commented out all uses of kdDebug within the parser-thread, 
> and since I did it I haven't encountered a crash again, so check out and try 
> if it helps :)

Ok, will keep that in mind (but I'd rather figure out /why/). Meanwhile, 
attempt #1 at valgrind failed, because KDevelop sucked up more than 
valgrind's allowed 256 MB of memory (ouch, that's a good hunk of memory 
to use). Attempt #2 did this:

> kdevelop (core): [void KDevProject::slotBuildFileMap()]
> ==20920== Invalid read of size 4
> ==20920==    at 0x75C2C09: QMutex::lock() (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x37283917: BackgroundParser::lock() (backgroundparser.h:59)
> ==20920==    by 0x372D380F: CppSupportPart::slotSaveMemory() (cppsupportpart.cpp:1027)
> ==20920==    by 0x372DEC07: CppSupportPart::qt_invoke(int, QUObject*) (cppsupportpart.moc:279)
> ==20920==    by 0x733044F: QObject::activate_signal(QConnectionList*, QUObject*) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x7330B29: QObject::activate_signal(int) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x766329C: QTimer::timeout() (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x735015B: QTimer::event(QEvent*) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x72D18F8: QApplication::internalNotify(QObject*, QEvent*) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x72D1A89: QApplication::notify(QObject*, QEvent*) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x354F845F: KApplication::notify(QObject*, QEvent*) (kapplication.cpp:550)
> ==20920==    by 0x72C5C6D: QEventLoop::activateTimers() (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x7281C2D: QEventLoop::processEvents(unsigned) (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x72E6F24: QEventLoop::enterLoop() (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x72D0B20: QApplication::enter_loop() (in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3.3.3)
> ==20920==    by 0x3428E005: BlockingKProcess::enter_loop() (blockingkprocess.cpp:97)
> ==20920==  Address 0xFFFFFFA8 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd

...looks like m_mutex did not initialize? Does that mean anything to 
anyone, or does it just look like a valgrind-induced error?

What? This signature /again/?

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