Startup hang

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Dec 11 18:01:13 UTC 2006

On Monday 11 December 2006 20:30, Kuba Ober wrote:
> > > or killall X,
> >
> > Probably could have done this, but if I had to logout out of my session, I
> > might as well have completely clean reboot.
> "Completely clean reboot" er, we're talking about Unix, not windows. If you 
> kill your X server, it's as clean as it gets. It will also log-in much 
> faster.
> If you can repeatedly get any benefit from a "clean reboot", you have some 
> serious problems.  Either a misconfiguration somewhere, a miscompiled kernel  
> (i.e. a spurious bit flip somewhere during compilation), a buggy kernel 
> (wrong patchlevel etc) or dying hardware. There's just no other way methinks.

That's independent from the current discussion. I can rant about issues that only
reboot solves, that are basically related to "it's Unix, not windows", and which
have tought me to reboot if I can't solve a problem in 5 mins. But again,
that's not relevant here.

> >
> > > or killall -9 kdevelop?
> >
> > That did not work.
> I beg you to be more specific. Did the process survive it, or what?? If 
> kdevelop survives killall -9, it means it's stuck in a syscall, and you 
> likely have other issues. Is that on nfs?

There were no kdevelop process to kill. Starting a new one will hang. Killing
it gets you zero kdevelop processes. Starting another one hangs.

- Volodya

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