Odd crash (is it CppSupportPart or ProblemReporter at fault?)

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Fri Dec 8 19:13:38 UTC 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 19:40, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> Weird trace. It just barely goes through KDevelop code in frame #34
> and #35.. Since no one else seems to experience this, could you
> please try a clean rebuild of KDevelop and see if that helps?
I cannot test it until Monday (but I didn't had crashes in KDevelop in 
the near past), but try to revert to the version before the KProcess 
changes in the cpp part. The bt doesn't indicate it, but it *might* be 
some problem with events handled when it's not needed and the blocking 
kprocess there starts a second event handler.... Of course this would 
be weird to cause such bugs as using any KNetAccess method would result 
in a same problem (the technique is similar), but I saw strange bugs 
with KNetAccess as well....


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