Problems running/debugging applications

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Dec 7 19:59:34 UTC 2006

Not exactly the right list (that would be -users), but since AFAICS this 
needs a code changes (that I am willing to offer patches for)...

I am having a hard time debugging a particular project. This particular 
project generates mainly libraries but also a few executables, meaning 
that there is no one binary I want to run when I hit 'run' (and that 
said binary may not even be part of the project, e.g. if I need to test 
the library portions). Also, it needs some moderately complicated 
environment setup to run.

Although the project in question isn't kdelibs, it easily could be. :-)

The first point is addressable; one must change which app to run in the 
project options. (The only problem I saw here is that changing the 'run 
in' seems to reset the 'what to run', which is potentially irritating.)

The second part is harder. First, it would be helpful if, instead of 
just running the app with 'var=val var=val app args', it was possible to 
source a user-specified shell script first. That is, the command line 
would need to look like 'var=val; var=val; export var var; . script; app 
args'. Secondly, /none/ of this is used by gdb, meaning that while I can 
do some ugly var setting (PATH='bin/`uname`_`uname -m`:$PATH', for 
example) and get the app to run, I am unable to debug it because gdb 
doesn't inherit these settings. Why not?

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