Support for distributed compiling in Kdevelop ( ask for help )

Kanniball o.kanniball.o at
Sun Dec 3 23:52:05 UTC 2006

After spent hours bugging people on irc ( no my nick is not Kanniball ;) ) 
I've decided to post here a call for help.
I know that devs are always busy, and sometimes answer this kind of questions 
is not very pleasant.
My propose is to add support for both distcc and icecream.
But first of all, how should this be implemented, as a plug-in? as a build 
Any gentle example to help?
Kdevelop is a code monster to fight, so I need some light to point me in the 
rigth direction.

For now the main problem is the "way" this must be implemented, I think,
so please fire your thoughts.

Thanks for atention!

Paulo Fidalgo

On Saturday 18 November 2006 17:10, Kanniball wrote:
> Hi!
> I've proposed this, as part of a porject for a class in university.
> It has been accepted, so now I'm ready to start.
> This will be a two man project, our deadline is short and we still need to
> deal with the lack of c++/qt/kde libs.
> So as I talk with "teatime" on IRC, I think I will use the kdevelop 3.4
> version as base for development. I know that this version is already in
> feature freeze, and the new developments are done in the new trunk for 4.x
> version. But I plan to develop this and then find out what needs to be done
> to port it to the new version.
> This project has been suggested as a SOC project, and I've tried it without
> luck. I'm already familiar with distcc ( I use it on my gentoo system ),
> and I will figure out about icecream.
> So if there's anyone who want to send me suggestions and point me some
> directions I would appreciate it.
> Best regards,
> Paulo Fidalgo
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