Jens Herden jens at kdewebdev.org
Wed Aug 23 15:30:36 UTC 2006

> > Does that mean a plugin can have only one view now?
> Yes.  And I think that makes sense.  If it has two views, then you can add
> two separate plugins.  Note that these plugins can still be part of the
> same shared lib.

But than you have to make sure that the plugins are loaded together, right. I 
mean if people do not change the profiles this is no issue. Of course both 
plugins can test eachother but this is a bit annoying for my taste.

This brings me to a related question.
We have a preview plugin in Quanta which can be in a toolview or in the 
central area. It depends on the configuration of the user. 
I do not see how I can move a view from one position to another with the 
current API. Is this possible?

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