two bugfixes for kdevelop 3.3.4

Ernis ernisv at
Tue Aug 22 18:45:27 UTC 2006

On 8/22/06, Matt Rogers <mattr at> wrote:
> Is there anyway for you to check if these patches will apply to the kdevelop
> 3.4 that's in svn under branches/kdevelop/3.4 ? If they will apply as is,
> then I'll commit them as soon as a I hear that they're ok. Otherwise, you'll
> need to update them so that they'll apply cleanly to that branch.
> Thanks
> --
> Matt

Patch for first bug report was already commited by Jens Dagerbo.

Remaining patch ( applies
cleanly to the latest version of cppsupportpart.cpp in 3.4 branch. I
didn't compile the 3.4 kdevelop to test it, but code being changed in
the addMethod() method is the same as in 3.3.4...

Ernestas Vaiciukevičius

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