csharp support unable to link

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Sun Aug 20 13:04:29 UTC 2006

On Sunday, 20. August 2006 14:26, Nimrod Gutman wrote:
> lo' there,
> recently I tried to compile kdevelop head and stumbled upon some undefined
> reference errors regarding to the csharp support language, it seems that
> csharp_codemodel_chameleon.cpp and csharp_codemodel.cpp doesn't get added
> to the parser sources without kdevelop-pg being installed.

Hell yes! You're right, I forgot to add the chameleon to the fallback list.
It's the only thing missing, the codemodel is already there.
Current SVN should work now. (Although I can't test at the moment
because my working copy doesn't build for other reasons ;)

Thanks for telling me,

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