question about the new configuration framework

Jens Herden jens at
Thu Aug 17 18:26:28 UTC 2006

> > Would it be possible to just add another file. Now you are using
> > kdeveloprc and insert the global and local project files on demand. So if
> > we would insert in this layer system the configuration file of the
> > current running instance on top of kdeveloprc would this work?
> Nah, because then you'd have stuff like the codeview part settings in the
> documentview config file...

Sorry, you lost me here. I was thinking that now all plugins write their 
configuration into the same file. Either kdeveloprc or the local or global 
project file. Is this wrong?

> Or do you mean by 'instance' quantarc?  we can certainly do that, yes.

Yes this is what I meant. I would like to have a possibility to have settings 
for Quanta which do not influence KDevelop. And I do not mind if the defaults 
would come from KDevelop it is only important that settings in Quanta would 
not change the settings in KDevelop.

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