Issue with KDevelop: Is it using different parsers in parallell for different puropuses?

Erik Sigra sigra at
Thu Aug 17 06:41:22 UTC 2006

> Från: mwoehlke <mwoehlke at>
> Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> > The KatePart internal "parser" should really stay the stackmachine it is atm, 
> > it may get some more tuning for KDE 4,
> Since we're on the subject, is "ability to pop at the same time as push" 
> part of that "tuning"? (I know, wrong list, but I think I already asked 
> there with no reply.)

It seems to be a somewhat sensitive subject. I hit that limitation of Kate too a while ago and reported it. It even took a great effort to make the developer admit that there is something called "push" and that a stack is involved at all. But you can skip the long discussion, read the last few comments and vote for the feature:

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