KDevelop4 API questions

Jens Herden jens at kdewebdev.org
Thu Aug 17 07:29:05 UTC 2006

> > > are they actually used anywhere? If not, then we can remove them and if
> > > we need them later, then add them then.
> >
> > Please don't.  I know I need to document them, but they do have a
> > purpose...
> >
> > projectDirectory == the dir where the current project file is located.
> >
> > projectsDirectory == the dir where the user holds all of his project
> > folders ... perhaps this can be renamed to better illustrate what it is.
> >
> > Both of them are useful though, please don't remove.
> But not all project folders are in the same place, so I still don't see the
> point of either of these functions since projectDirectory is duplicated
> from KDevProject and well, right now, projectsDirectory doesn't make sense
> to me.

Oh that is new for me. I thought that project files and folders must have a 
common base folder? But the project file can be at an arbitrary location 
where also the hidden .kde4 folder is created. Am I wrong here?

> > > > KDevProjectController::openProject: the open dialog has hardcoded
> > > > information about KDevelop4 project files. This one should be
> > > > configurable in some way. Ideas are welcome.
> >
> > All it has is the extension.  We can easily make an API for setting this
> > extension.
> >
> > > If the file dialog is created here, shouldn't this be made virtual so
> > > that others can provide their own impl?
> >
> > Why would this be made virtual?  How many ways are you going to open a
> > project file?
> >
> > Adam
> I dunno. That's why I asked the question. :) If it doesn't need to be
> virtual and we can provide API that says "use this extension (or even
> better, mimetype) when looking for project files to open" then that's fine
> too --

Or simply read it from the configuration file with a default for the current 
value. We could just provide a different value in Quanta's configuration file 
then. I think an API would be too much.


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