Building kdevelop-pg

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Wed Aug 16 22:51:35 UTC 2006

On Wednesday, 16. August 2006 21:58, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> Small question regarding the building of kdevelop-pg, it's impossible to
> build the whole of kdevelop-pg with just a cmake ; make ; make install.

yes, that's right. after building kdev-pg, you can also enter examples/ and do 
another make to have the parsers built as well.

> The problem is that kdev-cmg "depends" on either the not-yet-built
> kdev-pg or on several source files existing already in the kdev-cmg
> source dir (namely kdevcmg_parser.cpp, kdevcmg_visitor.cpp and
> kdevcmg_default_visitor.cpp). These source files are not in svn and thus
> one has a problem.

hm, right. that's my fault, obviously, as I mixed up hard and soft 
dependencies in a non-functioning way.
Please try it again from current SVN; kdev-pg is now a hard dependency of 
kdev-cmg and CMake doesn't check for those source files beforehand.

> I was also unable to just built kdev-pg on it's own, seems like various
> files are missing:
> /home/andreas/KDE-work/4.0/kdevelop-pg/kdev-pg/kdev-pg-ast.h:24:31: error:
> kdev-pg-allocator.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

No, that one's not missing, it's just in $SRCDIR/include/.
Normally, CMake also takes the includes from the parent dir(s) into account 
(where that directory is specified), but running "cmake ." just in kdev-pg/ 
can't do that of course, it doesn't know.

Anyways, with a bit of luck it should work now.

> This may of course be because I told cmake to use the
> kdevelop-pg/kdev-pg as source dir.

For kdev-pg, that's what I do as well.
Very unprobable that this is the error cause :)

Sorry for the inconveniences,

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