KDevFileManager questions

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Wed Aug 16 15:00:46 UTC 2006


 I have some questions about how a KDevFileManager should be 
implemented. The problematic areas are import and parse.
It is unclear what they are supposed to do. By looking at the code where 
they are implemented (KDevGenericImporter) and used 
(KDevProjectManagerPart and ImportProjectJob) I assume that import 
simply puts the base of the project in a KDevProjectFolderItem, while 
parse parses the project files and adds to this base. But the 
implementation confused me a little as import takes a KDevProjectModel 
and a  KUrl as argument, but the model object is not used. Furthermore 
the value returned by the import is added to the model in the project 
manager code. If the model argument is present, shouldn't this addition 
happen inside the import method itself?
 If the above assumption is true, maybe import should be renamed to 
something else, like "createBaseItem".
 The second issue is with the return value of the parse method. Is this 
a list of folders that were found during parsing? Is it mandatory to 
return a list if we parser all folders and files in one go with the 
parse method (and not with a KJob as it is done in ImportProjectJob)?

If I find what's correct, I will take care of updating the API 
documentation. ;-)


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