Issue with KDevelop: Is it using different parsers in parallell for different puropuses?

mwoehlke mwoehlke at
Tue Aug 15 15:09:29 UTC 2006

Hamish Rodda wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 August 2006 03:59, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
>> On Monday, 14. August 2006 19:17, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>>> On 14.08.06 17:00:15, Erik Sigra wrote:
>>>> On 14.08.06 13:30:19, Erik Sigra wrote:
>>>>> 2. kate is an editor it's not part of kdevelop and the kdevelop
>>>>> developers have only partial influence on what the kate developers
>>>>> use for parsing files.
>>>> Kate is part of KDevelop when I am using KDevelop
>>> No it's not. KDevelop using Kate as the only implementation of the
>>> KTextEditor interface doesn't make it a part of kdevelop, especially not
>>> in terms of development changes. Kate is it's own project.
>> There is a connection between KDevelop and Kate, and that's Hamish Rodda
>> who is hacking both. For KDevelop 4, there have been some extensions in the
>> KTextEditor interface which allow to integrate KDevelop's own parsers to a
>> certain level, including highlighting. Hamish is working on that for the
>> C++ parser.
> Exactly.  What Erik wants (or almost, seeing as we don't use ANTLR but 
> kdevelop-pg for kdevelop4) will be present in kdevelop4.  For c++/c#/java 
> (and possibly others) we will be doing the highlighting solely in kdevelop.

Hmm, so what is going to happen to KATE? As I pointed out, one of the 
advantages to the current system is consistency both inside and outside 
of KDevelop. Loosing that will be most unfortunate, or do you plan on 
porting this stuff out to KATE? (Or more accurately, will their be a 
text editor part with these features plus everything KATE does, that can 
be used in KWrite?)

Also, what happens to files other than C/C++/Java? How will these be 
highlighted? Can I tell KDevelop to highlight any arbitrary file as e.g. C?

Will I be able to add new highlighting rules to KDevelop's C 
highlighting? Right now I have a custom .xml that 'IncludeRule ##C's and 
adds a bunch of project-specific keywords with their own highlighting 
style. Will I be able to do this in KDevelop4 without having to 
recompile? (Recompiling would absolutely unacceptable; what if I have 
multiple projects I want to do this for?)

Failing all that, will there be an option to let KATE do the 
highlighting for C/C++/Java anyway?

I like the idea of better highlighting... but not if it breaks 
consistency between KDevelop and KWrite, or is less flexible.

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