Error with mocs in compiling kdevelop

Eric Pignet eric at
Fri Aug 11 22:04:37 UTC 2006

On 8/11/06, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> wrote:
> > I use last cmake version, as given in
> >
> So cmake 2.4.3 ?


> > make[2]: *** No rule to make target « lib/weaver/Job.moc », needed by «
> > lib/weaver/CMakeFiles/ThreadWeaver.dir/Job_moc.o ».
> > make[2]: *** no rule to make target « lib/weaver/Thread.moc », needed by «
> > lib/weaver/CMakeFiles/ThreadWeaver.dir/Thread_moc.o ».
> > I added some trace messages in kde4_automoc macro and I see that includes
> > of both missing mocs are well detected and that add_custom_commands are
> > called. But no target is generated in makefiles...
> I had a quick look at the sources.
> Neither Job.cpp nor Thread.cpp are listed as a source file for the library.
> Why ?

Because if Job.cpp and Thread.cpp are listed as sources in addition to
Job_moc.cpp and Thread_moc.cpp, the link fails with many symbols
already referenced.
The problem is that they are needed as sources for their mocs to be
generated, but we want to compile and link Job_moc.cpp and
Thread_moc.cpp only.

> And the generated Job_moc.cpp and Thread_moc.cpp include Job.moc and
> Thread.moc ?


> Job_moc.cpp and Thread_moc.cpp do not exist yet at cmake time, so if these
> generated files will include Thread.moc/Job.moc this cannot be detected at
> this time.

Yes, _moc files do not exist, but Job.cpp and Thread.cpp are also part
of the list given to kde4_automoc so includes of Job.moc and
Thread.moc are found there.

To sum up:
- We want Job.moc and Thread.moc to be generated from Job.h and
Thread.h, and Job_moc.cpp and Thread_moc.cpp to be generated from
Job.cpp and Thread.cpp.
- We want *only* Job_moc.cpp and Thread_moc.cpp (including Job.moc and
Thread.moc) to be compiled/linked.
But how to have a moc generated but its including cpp not in the sources list ?

Thanks Alex,


PS: Another solution would be to get rid of Q_OBJECT in cpp files...

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