Error with mocs in compiling kdevelop

Eric Pignet eric at
Thu Aug 10 23:48:50 UTC 2006


I have an error when compiling kdevelop svn. A kopete developer with whom I 
talked has exactly the same error.
I use last cmake version, as given in
I compiled qt-copy and kdelibs successfully.
But when trying to compile kdevelop, I get the following error:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target « lib/weaver/Job.moc », needed by «
lib/weaver/CMakeFiles/ThreadWeaver.dir/Job_moc.o ».
make[2]: *** no rule to make target « lib/weaver/Thread.moc », needed by «
lib/weaver/CMakeFiles/ThreadWeaver.dir/Thread_moc.o ».

Indeed, I have in the output:
[  2%] Generating Job_moc.cpp
[  2%] Generating Thread_moc.cpp                                                                                             
(mocs of cpp files, generated thanks to additional add_custom_commands), but I 
have *not*:
[  2%] Generating Job.moc
[  2%] Generating Thread.moc
And yet these mocs should have been detected by macros in CMakeLists.txt:
kde4_automoc(Job.cpp ${ThreadWeaver_LIB_SRCS})
kde4_automoc(Thread.cpp ${ThreadWeaver_LIB_SRCS})

I added some trace messages in kde4_automoc macro and I see that includes of
both missing mocs are well detected and that add_custom_commands are called. 
But no target is generated in makefiles...

An idea ?

Thank you,

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