Persistent AST and google sparsehash

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Sat Aug 5 12:19:36 UTC 2006

On Saturday, 5. August 2006 13:41, Adam Treat wrote:
> POST++ seems reasonable enough, but I wonder if it would be easier to just
> implement a serializable interface in the kdevelop-pg ast generator. 
> Perhaps we can provide << and >> operators that write to a QDataStream?
> What do you think?

Sure, must be feasible.
An AST node does not need to contain pointers other than pointers to the other 
nodes, so we can concentrate on serializing the custom members (bools, ints, 
enums) and traversing the tree. We have a non-cyclic tree, which should be 
easy enough to traverse - hey, we already got default visitors!

The most difficult question for me is how to seperate the serialized members 
from the data stream, but that's probably because I'm not familiar with the 
class and haven't read the apidox yet.


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